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Electronic Press Kit

Electronic Press Kit


‘Mind Pictures’ (EP) and ‘Troubles and Lies’ (single)

High Coast are back, with a new EP and single. The five-track EP, ‘Mind Pictures’ is the long-awaited follow-up to the band’s self-titled debut EP, which was warmly received both in and outside Scandinavia. The first single, ‘Troubles and Lies’, with an accompanying video, was released simultaneously with the EP on 26 March 2021.

The release is the first from High Coast as a duo, with Daniel Walke’s melodic guitar picking complemented by August Wegestål’s haunting lap steel. The band has once again teamed up with Wallentin Richardsson, whose raw and inventive production, using mostly analogue techniques, brings to the listener a sense of rediscovering something familiar, something that has always been there, but gathering dust up in the attic.

Walke’s songs and lyrics paint pictures of life’s ups and downs, day-to-day dilemmas, dramas, and chance encounters, but interspersed with moments of tranquillity and contemplation. The fundament is acoustic guitar and lap steel, but other instrumentation is brought in to add subtle layers, without losing contact with the raw, unpolished base.
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‘Troubles and Lies’

‘Troubles and Lies’

The video for the single, produced by London-based film-maker, Anton Berggren, features the two band members, two boats, two wellington boots, and an element of piracy, early one morning at sea. (No wellington boots were harmed in the making of the video.)

‘Mind Pictures’


1. Mind Pictures (3:49)

2. Troubles and Lies (3:25)

3. New in Town (3:48)

4. Stolen Champagne (3:53)

5. Windowsill (4:46)

All songs written by Daniel Walke

Arranged by High Coast


Approved band bio for press use

High Coast, from Malmö in Sweden,  is a Swedish indie-folk/country band built around the expressive lyrics and distinctive acoustic guitar of singer-songwriter Daniel Walke. Like much music in the Americana genre, High Coast’s songs illustrate the disillusionment, despair, and imperfection of reality. Drawing parallels with artists such as Iron & Wine, Great Lake Swimmers, and Fleet Foxes, Daniel describes his lyrics as “snapshots of people’s lives, like extracts from their diaries”. In his lyrics, he crafts engaging stories about everyday experiences that arouse the listener’s curiosity and challenge them to apply their own interpretation.

High Coast in its various forms can be traced all the way back to 2010, when Daniel Walke started to write his own music. In the mid-2010s, the band was a four-piece, focusing on live performances in southern Sweden, including a support slot with Great Lake Swimmers in Lund and Copenhagen in 2015.

The single and EP released in spring 2021 mark something of a reboot for High Coast, with Daniel Walke and August Wegestål, both original band members, now operating as a duo. Life, in the form of fishing and football, families and fika, along with university studies and careers as a nurse and social worker respectively, put chords and octaves on ice for a while, but the focus is now back on music.

Walke and Wegestål met at music college in Malmö around ten years ago. Walke writes the lyrics and brings the basic song structure to the table, but the arrangements are collaborative, with Wegestål’s musical creativity adding the colours.

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High Coast is an independent, self-managed band.

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